How to Create Our Easy Braided Upstyle

How to Create Our Easy Braided Upstyle


1. Braid It

Pull all you hair to one side and braid it loosely, but be sure to leave out a few longer strands for neatening the look later on.

This style works really well with loose waves, so try going to bed the night before with a loose braid in your hair for just the right amount of tousled texture.

Once you’ve braided your hair, tie it at the bottom with some elastic, and then pull the plait apart slightly all the way down, so it looks quite flat and a little undone.


2. Fold It

Once you’ve got your braid, pull it to the back of your head, and fold it over so it covers the nape of your neck. Tucking the ends under the widest part.


3. Secure With Pins

Attach with hair pins until it feels firmly secure – though don’t worry about catching every flyaway, it’s supposed to look a little undone.


  • 4. Sweep The Sides

    Next, take the pieces you left down and loosely clip them up so they frame your face. You can use the longer ones to wrap around the braid at the back to neaten the edges of the updo.


    5. Finishing Touches

    Next, add some embellishments (although it looks pretty damn gorgeous as it is!).

    This can be some fresh or faux flowers or a gorgeous vintage slide – whatever matches your bridal style. Make sure it’s in firmly, secure it with pins, and tame any OTT fly aways with a little hair spray.

    • So simple, and really effective – don’t you think?

      This would be a lovely look for every day on its own, but add some gorgeous earrings or fresh flowers and you have such a beautiful upstyle in minutes. Perfect for bridesmaids who won’t have a hairdresser on the day, or for destination, or eloping brides.